Hello there!
My name is Veronika Jaeger and I’m an architect and an illustrator.
I was born in the USSR, a country that doesn't exist anymore.
In 2010, I moved to Berlin and I’m living here since. By the way, did you know Berlin is considered the greenest capital in Europe? Well, I really feel right at home here.

I got my master’s degree in architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, but besides architecture I always felt a deep wish for expressing myself through drawing.

As you can see, I prefer a more minimalistic kind of art, with clear lines, relatively simple forms and very selected colours. I take this approach in architecture as well. You might say that I got inspired by artists/architects, such as: M.C. Escher and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Besides that I’m a big fan of classic literature and classic rock music, which inspires me and are great source of ideas for my work.

Piqued your interest? Get in touch!
You can reach me at: